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Starting my own 30-day challenge

It seems that 30-day challenges are what all the cool kids are doing these days. The problem? No 30-day challenge works for everyone.

So why 30 days? It’s said that it takes 28-30 days to break a habit. That being said, it takes about 30 days to get in to the swing of a new habit as well.

Current bedside read: "Gone Girl"

Current bedside read: “Gone Girl”

Here’s a few things I’d like to accomplish in 30 days:

1. Go to the gym…

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Are you from the entitlement generation? I am.

Entitlement generation: By definition, the group born between 1979 and 1994 who believe they are owed certain rights and benefits without further justification.

My date of birth: Aug. 13, 1991.

Fact: “It is suggested that Generation Y is reluctant to recognize authority, and unable to take criticism.” (source)MjAxMi1jMzE0OTljNzJhNzYyNjky

Fact: Millennials tend to be attention-seeking and arrogant, expecting constant praise…

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October wishlist: The three P’s

I’ve been able to spend way too much time shopping and browsing items on Pinterest with the recent gloomy weather. I’m craving some change in my life, and that’s probably going to come with some redecorating. This month, items to feed that craving top my wishlist:

1. Prints.I’ve been really in to clean, typographical prints lately, and luckily, designers have been too. I found a new favorite shop…

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An online community for everyone

Given my job description and previous work experience, there’s obviously something that’s always drawn me to social media.

Sure, I do preach that a break from technology is necessary every once and a while, but when it comes down to it, the internet is, and always will be, a huge part of my life.

One thing that draws me most are the communities that have been created online, uniting people with…

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When the Ghost Town Trail was named one of Roadtrippers’ top rail trails in the United States, I knew I had to get there before the season’s end. That day came yesterday.

It quickly became one of my favorite trails in Indiana County, with its beautiful bridges and the creek that ran alongside a majority of the path. It probably helped that this is the first trail I’ve hit now that the leaves have started to change.

I will note, however, that this was not my most responsible adventure ever. I started late in the day, was determined to make it to the Buena Vista Furnace, and ended up on the trail after dark.

The furnace, according to Indiana County Parks & Trails was built in 1847 and was used to produce pig iron using local iron ore, limestone and charcoal. About 60 men and boys worked at the furnace.

The walk to the furnace was just under 7 miles (round trip), and it was definitely cool to see a piece of county history.

Some photos from the walk:

Hiking Indiana County: Buena Vista Furnace When the Ghost Town Trail was named one of Roadtrippers’ top rail trails in the United States…

Cold weather is on its way.

Today brought gloomy skies, bitter breezes and that crisp, fall-air smell that usually hits this time of year. The chilly weather brings with it the desire to curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of coffee. That’s why a new book is the highlight of my current wishlist:

1. #GirlBoss, by Sophia Amoruso. I’m sure the book doesn’t need much description, since…

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Red Sox fans in PNC Park

There are a million reasons why I love Pittsburgh:

IMG_20140916_175942I love the view when you go around the corner on your way in to the city from 376 — coming around a huge bend in the road and just being faced my the skyline on the other side.

It’s an amazing city. There’s so much to do, so much to see, and it’s about ten times more beautiful every time I visit.

But most of all, it’s the people.20140916_213814_1

While driving in…

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Coolest U.S. Rail Trails: Ghost Town Trail

I’ve recently been using the Roadtrippers app, discovering new places and creating a bucket list of places I’d like to see in my lifetime. While exploring the site, I stumbled upon one of Indiana County’s own trails featured in a blog post.

Roadtrippers blogger Anna Hilder featured the Ghost Town Trail as part of a post about the coolest rail trails in the United States.

Though most of the trails…

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The perfect day.